“As the parent of two internationally adopted children and a professional working with parents and children joined by international adoption, there is little doubt that increased education prior to adoption makes a difference in post adoption adjustment for families. This thoughtful program offers opportunity for parents to begin their education in the privacy of their own homes. This is a great to start to the adoption journey.” Leigh – Alabama

“I have to tell you that we thought the course was great. Actually, we wish we had that before we adopted our first child. Some of the topics were especially interesting and pertinent, such as attachment, medical and inter-cultural. Given the fact that we’re adopting from China, the inter-racial dimension was very interesting.” Leslie – New York

As an adoption social worker and the mother of an adopted child, I really enjoyed your courses. In particular, I appreciated the emphasis placed on bonding and attachment. I feel all too often, parents worry about potential physical problems and fail to prepare themselves for attachment difficulties which may arise. The more prepared families are ahead of time, the better they will able to handle any difficulties in bonding. The importance placed on seeking the help of specialists in the area of adoption when dealing with the needs of an adopted child is priceless. I commend you and your staff on the creation of a very informative collection of course studies. I would recommend your course to adopting families and other adoption professionals.” Leigh – Alabama

“I found the courses quite interesting. I feel for someone who has never adopted before they really will be a big help. There were some very good points made in all the courses. Also I found the way you had it set up was easy to follow and easy to take. Thanks for having it available to couples such as us.” Allen – Florida

“We really enjoyed the Bonding and Separation, Loss,and Grief courses. I would have never understood why the child was acting the way he was until I read this and now I understand.” Julie – Massachusetts

“You provide very good information. The modules were written well and were easy to understand.” Susan & James – Georgia

“I found the information interesting and useful. We especially liked the Tool Box Tips at the end of the lessons.” Katie – South Carolina

The information was very useful and your site was very easy to navigate. I particularly liked the medical section … we were very pleased to see your detailed medical info.” Robert – Virginia

“Thank you so much. We found the training informative and helpful in the requirements for our Nicaraguan adoption.” Clive – Ohio

“I enjoyed the courses. I really learned a lot and they are very helpful. It is very informative, so people who are considering it, I would highly recommend it. It made me think about a lot of things and I’d like to have them all available for reference if possible.” Karen – Maryland