All courses are 2 credit hours except Medical Courses which are 1 hour.

Each is available for purchase separately for $15/credit hour on the Course Selection Page.

Training for Parents

Online courses designed to prepare parents for raising an adopted child.

  • Bonding and Attachment
  • Emotional Issues
  • Multicultural and Transracial Adoption
  • Medical Issues
  • Separation, Loss and Grief
  • Adopting the Traumatized Child
  • Open vs. Closed Adoption Issues

Developed by Professionals

Our training was developed by social workers with many years of personal and professional adoption experience, and is geared to provide the information that successful adoptive families tell us they needed to know. Our objective in providing this training for you is to share the wisdom we have gained through years of practice and to enhance your understanding of your adopted child, to suggest ways to meet the needs you identify, and to strengthen the bonds within your family.

Practical and Easy to Understand

Our training is presented in an easy to understand, logical format with practical hand's-on tools that every family can use. We offer help in decision making if you are thinking about adopting and don't know which option may be right for you.

Hague Requirements

Our training meets all Hague Requirements for international adoptions as well as training for domestic adoptions. Certificates are available instantly after you complete a course.

Training for Professionals

Our training courses have been developed from years of practical experience working with families and children. Our certification courses will strengthen your professional skills by providing useful tools to use as you serve you clients. The training material is designed so that you can use the same courses that your adoptive families are certified in.

Continuing Education Credits

We offer courses and bundles for both international and domestic adoptions. Each bundle is built from the essential core with a different focus for each type of adoption. For CEU credit, we recommend that you choose only one version.

Our training has been approved by the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners for social workers and is generally accepted by other states and boards. Please check the CEU requirements your state or licensing board.

Who we are

Our courses were developed by three Licensed Certified Social Workers and Private Independent Practitioners with 95 years of combined experience in child welfare and adoption specialization.

Extensive Experience

Our experience includes working as

  • Directors of Child Placement Agencies
  • Directors of Public Welfare Agencies
  • Directors of Statewide public programs to train and support Adoptive Families

We have all worked as Child Protective Service and Adoption Placement workers and supervisors. We have placed children, interviewed adult adoptees in search of birth families, and facilitated meetings between these adoptees and their families. We have worked with birthmothers as they explore and make adoptive decisions, trained professionals and families in issues of child welfare and adoption. One of us is an adoptive mother.